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Oryx Sighting Near Bedouin Oasis Camp

The charm of Bedouin Oasis Camp, Ras Al Khaimah, is its location. It is a permanent camp deep in the desert with an abundance of scenic splendor, wilderness, and exotic plant and animal life surrounding it. Nature watching is one of the prime activities for visitors to the camp. There have been many instances where wild animals, including free-range camels, deer, and antelopes have been sighted on the fringes of the camp. What makes Oasis Bedouin Camp so attractive for nature lovers is the option to stay overnight at the exclusive Nature View Tent, located on a sand dune. Where you get to watch the splendid desert sunrise and watch the desert life wake-up.


Oryx sighting

The latest excitement at the camp has been the sighting of a herd of Arabian Oryx foraging near Bedouin Oasis Camp. These sightings are exceptional since they are not very common though there have been many instances before when Oryx herds have lingered into the vicinity of the camp. Visitors who were fortunate to catch a glimpse of this elegant and rare antelope was more than thrilled by the encounter. The stay at Bedouin Oasis Camp itself is unique, add to this the bonus of sighting the much-avowed Oryx in their natural habitat, which is an ultimate icing on the top of your exotic desert experience.


Arabian Oryx

The Arabian Oryx, unlike the black Oryx seen in other regions, is white, and that is why it’s absolutely stunning to behold in the backdrop of the rugged desert. The Arabian Oryx is a mid-sized antelope with a distinct shoulder hump, long straight horns, and a tufted tail. Due to its extensive hunting, the species was endangered and near extinction, in the 1970s before it was reintroduced in the Gulf region and other parts of the Arab world. It is the national animal of UAE and countries like Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. The myth of the Unicorn must have originated from Oryxes, for though Oryx has two horns many a time, it appears to be one, and if a horn is lost, it does not grow back during the antelope’s lifetime.


Nature View Tent

Among the range of accommodation on offer at Bedouin Oasis Camp, the Nature View Tent scores the most, especially if you are a true nature lover. The Nature View Tent is exclusively located on a higher sand dune, to give a panoramic view of the desert and its surroundings. This is advantageous to watch the desert at closer quarters. The Nature View Tent is fitted with all the luxuries for a comfortable stay. The tent also comes with an outdoor sitting area for nature viewing. Apart from the overnight stay, the package includes barbeque dinner, camel rides, traditional activities, and entertainment.

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